3 Must-Do Indoor Exercises During Lockdown

3 Must-Do Indoor Exercises During Lockdown

With the world shutting down on us and the outdoors being put off-limits during this global pandemic, beating bulging blues and keeping brewing anxieties at bay is the way forward. The WHO stresses on maintaining physical activity to keep body and soul at ease.

If you find your day’s activity limited to rolling out of bed and diving straight into your at-home workspace, it’s time you squeeze into your routine these super effective and fun ways to workout indoors.

Give Surya Namaskar a Try

An excellent way to turn illumination inwards and keep the light glowing during these dark times is by incorporating a sequence of 8-12 graceful and dynamic asanas that honor the sun. Also called Sun Salutations, Surya Namaskar can be a great start to greet the new day while staying fit and active until night. You can start with the basic 8 posture sequence and gradually advance to all the 12 asanas. Each time you glide through an asana, ensure you synchronize your breath with the movement of your body for holistic impact. If you are new to Yoga or still learning the asanas of this wondrous indoor exercise, limit the repetitions of your sets to 2 or 3. If you are a pro, gradually increase a couple of reps per day. To flow seamlessly through each set, make sure you look up a video with all asanas and follow suit. Surya Namaskar is an excellent indoor exercise that targets all your body parts and helps you breathe in greater energy, better fitness and increased productivity all along.

Do the Opposite Arm Leg warm up or Quadruplex in Quarantine

If getting up with the sun or delving into Yoga is not your idea of a good indoor exercise, you could try the Quadruplex sequence this quarantine. Best done when you feel your most sluggish self, this workout acts as a great 4-minute warm up to shake off drudgery and spring you back into action. Begin quadruplex by simply lying on a hard mat on all fours. Then, raise your right arm and your left leg simultaneously and repeat the sequence with the alternate side. To make the exercise most fruitful, ensure you do at least 20 non-stop reps (repetitions) on each side with 0 rest. A total of 3 sets is enough to get you glowing. If the sequence seems easy to you, use some weight (filled water bottles) or increase the reps or sets.

Top it Off with Abdominal Crunches and planks

Indoor exercises like these are your best buds to break the monotony of the day and re-centre your mind. Breaking into a quick session of crunches and planks can help you get more productive while staying in shape. Do as many abdominal crunches as you can comfortably perform in between your work schedule and follow it up with a full plank hold for better core strength. However, ensure you do not exert yourself out during this super easy workout.

By: Kiara Sharma | on 2020-03-30

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