3-step sterilize ritual post-grocery shopping amid COVID-19

3-step sterilize ritual post-grocery shopping amid COVID-19

3-step sterilize ritual post-grocery shopping

The outbreak of the coronavirus has got nations under lockdown and the world on hold. However, daily essentials and grocery supplies are still reaching homes across the globe. While sourcing these items is an absolute necessity, ensuring safety while handling them can keep the risk of transmission at bay. Whether you get your grocery via contactless delivery or in-store shopping, it is essential you clean or sterilizes your groceries thoroughly. Here are a few steps on how to place, unpack, disinfect, and sterilize your groceries to keep yourself and your loved ones safe.

Step 1

Once your groceries reach home, ensure you place them away from daily reach. Leave them safely in your porch or garage if possible or choose a less frequented spot. Let it stay there for 48-72 hours. Since certain surfaces may hold the virus for a few hours, letting the items rest for a few days allows the virus, if any, to become inactive. Additionally, you can immediately dispose of all outer packages in a closed bin and wash your hands. If your groceries include easily perishable items like dairy, veggies, or fruits, keep them out for a few hours and jump to the next step.

Step 2

Set up a cleaning station in your house to avoid perishable items from being contaminated. In case of packaged items, this can be done after the 48-72-hour window. Allocating a separate space for cleaning will help avoid contaminating surfaces in your house. Always scrub fruits and vegetables for a minimum of 20 seconds. Wipe with a solution of soap and water or mild detergent to sterilize your groceries.

Step 3

After wiping the packages clean, you can use a good disinfectant for your groceries and home. Wear gloves while you sterilize your grocery and ensure your cleaning station is properly ventilated for the use of disinfectants. Always read the label and follow the instructions to ascertain that your groceries are usable post disinfecting. Depending on the type of grocery to be cleaned, you can choose an unexpired bleach solution that is safe to be used as a disinfectant or a good cleaner. Never use bleach solutions in combination with other disinfectant cleaners. Leave the solution on the surfaces that you wish to clean for about a minute. You can also choose an alcohol-based solution with 70% alcohol to clean certain items. Do not use strong disinfectant on porous grocery items and always consider the type of packaging before sterilizing your groceries.

Once you are done cleaning your supplies, always wash dusters, clothes, shopping bags, etc. to make them reusable. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water and empty the contents of your groceries into a bag or container.

By: Kiara Sharma | on 2020-06-05

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