3 Zoom Alternatives to Blur the Distance

3 Zoom Alternatives to Blur the Distance

3 Zoom Alternatives to Blur the Distance

Social distancing in the times of the coronavirus outbreak has become our new normal. Worldwide lockdowns amidst the global health crisis saw a steep spike in work-from-home ethos and virtual family get-togethers taking centre stage. More and more people being homebound has led to a sharp hike in the users of video conferencing apps like Zoom, where working professionals, students, and educators tune in to conduct virtual meetings and connect with friends and family to blur the distance.

The growing need for a spirit of community through visual communication during the pandemic, however, has been a roller coaster for popular video conferencing app Zoom. Despite the unprecedented growth of 10 million users per day to a daily user base of 200 million during the outbreak, all is not well in the world of Zoom. The immense popularity of the app resulted in increased scrutiny after its privacy policy began to be called into question. While compromised privacy practices and security vulnerabilities have left Zoom users waiting for a timely resolution, here’s a list of some alternatives collated just for you so that staying connected never gets on hold!


The big brother of the video calling game, Skype is a veteran in the world of virtual connection. Powered with easy-to-join audio & video calls, prompt call recording, hassle-free file transfer, group call compatibility, live transcription, and Zoom-like conference call facility for free, switching to good-old skype makes for a wise alternative both for team meetups and hangouts with loved ones. Microsoft’s all-new Skype “meet now” option, offers increased ease of use by allowing you to generate shareable links for participants and meet promptly without the need for a sign-up or download. A statement issued in March 2020 by Microsoft reported a 70% increase in the number of daily users from February due to the pandemic. This bears testimony to the fact that several users might switch back to Skype from Zoom.

Google Hangout Meet

For G Suite users, Google offered a no-cost Hangout Meet Premium version in March to allow seamless learning between educators & students and effortless exchanges amongst teams working remotely. Designed keeping the demands of the day in mind, Google has extended the free trial till September. Rich with effective features, Google makes setting up and joining calls a breeze with a convenient link share option that allows you to connect with your team or friends from across the world. The lightweight user interface allows multiple people to join frictionless calls in a jiffy.


Once a niche haven for gamers, art communities, and internet creators, Discord has emerged in the mainstream market as an effective communication tool. The popularity of Discord is seen rocketing amidst the Coronavirus and Zoom crisis with its user base reaching a whopping 250 million in March 2020. What makes this platform striking is an impressive blend of Slacks’s uncomplicated user interface with Skype’s easily accessible audio-video compatibilities. Stocked with no-cost video conferencing capabilities that can accommodate up to a total of 50 participants and easy screen sharing options, discord works as a great tool to connect with your office colleagues and friends with just a single sign up.

By: Kiara Sharma | on 2020-06-04

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