4 Easy-to-follow New Year Resolutions That You Will Actually Stick to

4 Easy-to-follow New Year Resolutions That You Will Actually Stick to

Year-end resolutions are what all of us look forward to but a lot of times they are idealistic and die-down midway. While it sounds easy to set health resolution goals, it’s 50x harder to keep up with them throughout the year. Well, here we are to put an end to the trend by setting realistic health goals that you’d want to stick to.

Let’s begin with a list of simple and easy health resolutions:

Take a break from your gadgets 
How many hours do you spend on your phone, laptop or PlayStation? Well, if it's more than 8-9 hours each day and has started affecting your daily schedule, it’s time to bring some change. While these gadgets keep you connected to the world 24*7, long hours of screen time affects physical as well as mental health. If you wish for a healthier year ahead, try limiting your screen time. 

Add more nutrition to your diet 
Having nutrition-rich meals is the first step towards good mental and physical well-being. This year, try switching those late-night munchies and deep-fried savouries with healthy alternatives. Along with this, make sure you include sufficient amounts of nutrients like protein, calcium, carbohydrates and minerals to your diet. Additionally, try having a protein-rich diet that improves bone health, boosts metabolism and also reduces sudden urges of bingeing. 

Include 30 minutes of physical activity
Let’s start with a ‘one step at a time’ approach this year. If you had a sedentary lifestyle in the past year with long work hours, no time for exercise or disturbed work-life balance, it’s time to set a goal for a healthier lifestyle. Starting with at least a 10-minute walk (or set a target for yourself) each day will help you improve blood circulation, boost mood and improve sleep. Adding to it, experts recommend around 30 minutes of physical activity each day, be it Zumba, yoga, jogging, running or cycling. 

Give time to your mental health 
Months of lockdown and the fear of spreading virus this year has taken a toll on the well-being of many. Like our physical health, our mental health holds the capacity to shape our thoughts, and actions throughout the day. Well, it’s never too late to keep some ‘me-time’ aside every day. Try spending a few minutes in your own company be it going for a walk, sitting on the balcony while you have a hot cuppa, gardening, meditation, painting and even giving time to explore your hobbies. 

Can we make this year healthier? Let’s start now.

By: Navreet Kaur | on 2021-01-05

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