4 Self-Care Tips That’ll Bring Relief to Your Joint Pains

4 Self-Care Tips That’ll Bring Relief to Your Joint Pains

Do dropping temperature and cold winds remind you of joint pains, sore ankles and stiff shoulders? Well, it’s not just you, cold weather amplifies every twinge and ache for many. Especially for people with arthritis, joint pain worsens in the winter months. And this is because the muscles feel more tense and tight in the cold weather that leads to less flexibility in the joints.

You’d agree how difficult it gets to go on with the daily chores with stiffness and soreness of joints. Not only does it slow us down but also leads to crankiness and searing pain. While in most cases, doctor consultation is a must to ease the pain and enhance mobility of muscles and joints, proper health care and lifestyle measures can minimize stiffness. If the cold weather triggers pain in your joints, here are 4 tips to help you reduce the discomfort. 

Staying active for healthier joints 
Easier said than done, physical activity is an integral part to stay active especially in the cold weather. While staying in bed for hours seems ideal, it is essential to keep your body moving for healthier joints. If you aren’t a regular with exercise, experts recommend including low impact exercises like cycling, yoga, swimming and pilates as it helps strengthen the muscles around the joints. Along with this, going out for a walk and soaking up in the Sun will also prove beneficial while giving your immunity a boost

Nutrition-rich meals for a health boost 
As grandmas always say, eat healthy for a healthy body, it’s always the right time to follow it. A well-balanced diet especially in winters will help you stay healthy and away from aches and pains. Add more fruits and vegetables to your plate, especially green-leafy veggies, eggs and mushrooms that are rich in Vitamin D. While adding nutrient-rich food to your daily meals, avoid processed foods and eatables that are high in sugar. Along with this, always consult your physician before adopting a new diet plan. 

Manage your weight to reduce inflammation 
Gorging on ghee-laden treats and long hours in bed, with winter comes weight gain for most. While gaining a few pounds is not a matter of concern, excess weight puts pressure on joints that can aggravate existing symptoms including sore ankles and painful joints. If you experience persistent weight gain especially in the winter months, consult a dietician for an appropriate diet plan as per your body mass index and make sure that you stick to at least 30 minutes of physical activity each day. Whereas, if you experience sudden weight gain and it has started impacting joint stiffness, make sure to consult your doctor for a timely diagnosis. 

Layer up to stay warm 
If you experience frequent joint pains, make sure that you keep yourself warm and cozy especially in winter. As cold weather worsens the joint pains and stiffness, staying warm makes it more manageable. While some people find relief with heating pads, it is recommended to consult a physician. Wearing multiple warm layers is the best way to trap warm air, however heavier warm clothes won’t do any good to the stiffness. Try opting for breathable and lightweight woollen clothes to keep debilitating joint pains at bay. 

By: Navreet Kaur | on 2021-02-08

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