4 Tips On How To Deal With Text Neck

4 Tips On How To Deal With Text Neck

In contemporary times, all of us, unfortunately, spend too much time glued to our smartphones, iPads, laptops and other electronic gadgets. While these digital devices do have numerous incredible advantages, being hunched over them for too long can hamper your well-being. The problem of text neck arises when you spend a lot of time bent over on your phone or tablet. This condition is caused by the repetitive stress on your joints and muscles in the cervical spine owing to the prolonged forward neck or head posture.

Symptoms of text neck

The major indication of text neck includes pain in the shoulders, neck, and back. It can also cause radiating headache and muscular weakness. If the condition gets too dire, then it might also lead to cervical disc compression and spinal degeneration. Some may even develop early onset of arthritis. Hence, exploring methods of text neck relief is important for your well-being.

Tips to deal with text neck

  • Practice a proper body posture:  Learning to sit and stand while maintaining a proper body posture can significantly help in improving your spine health. While using your phone or tablet, you should try your best to keep your back straight, but not too stiff. Your neck shall additionally be in line with your body.
  • Keep changing your hand:  Holding your digital device only in one hand is a bad idea. You should try to keep changing your hand while using your phone or tablet. Conversely, it will be better if you use support mobile holders for this purpose.
  • Install health tracking app: While the problem of text neck arises from digital devices, you can use them to deal with the issue well. You should install apps on your phone that can measure the time you have spent in a stooped or static position and subsequently send you reminders to change your posture. Many of them may even suggest spine and neck exercises.
  • Exercise regularly: Regular exercise is important for all people, and can especially help in providing you with the needed text neck relief. You should especially try exercises that can make your neck and back more flexible and strong, thereby helping them to handle additional stress.

In case the tips mentioned above don’t help in effectively getting rid of text neck, then it is prudent that you try to consult a good physical therapist who can create a proper treatment plan for you.

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-07-08

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