5 Easy WFH-friendly Meals That Deserve a Snack on

5 Easy WFH-friendly Meals That Deserve a Snack on

You’d agree, healthy and mindful eating doesn’t come easy. Being conscious of what to gorge on during desperate tea-times is clearly a task very few may ace. This is  especially true for those  who get easily excited by the sound, sight, aroma, flavour, texture and basically just the thought of piping hot delicacies. It has also been observed that most people who can successfully  keep a tab on their diet, often go astray with snacking or midnight munching. Snacking is indeed a tricky meal that can single handedly derail our track to fitness while generously adding up those extra pounds in a jiffy. And healthy snacking is a whole different ball game that comes with its own set of challenges like choosing the right type of food, in the right proportion and at the right time. With “remote working”, hectic work-life situations and ready access to the refrigerator, this struggle is more real than ever. 

We all have days when being overworked, we give in to the packet of crunchy munchies lying at the kitchen cabinet or act on the  irresistible temptation of frying those frozen nuggets, patiently sitting at the freezer door. A good way to overcome these pangs of pick-me-up quick fixes is to know the basics of healthy snacking and ordering in groceries that are easier on our health. Once we learn the art of eating the right type of nutrition and spread the calories over different meals,half our battle is won. For the other half, read through our collated list of super easy healthy snacking ideas that will not only subside hunger pangs but also make you look and feel your best!

Resort to Some Good Old Cottage Cheese Cubes
A good idea to avoid snacks that come between us and that beautiful black outfit that just would fit is to reimagine our go-to healthy food alternatives. Instead of giving in to low-fat or sugar-free alternatives, indulge in locally produced and naturally available items. Cottage cheese is one such ingredient that can be used in several easy and healthy snack recipes. Being rich in protein and probiotics, it is an ideal snack for both weight watchers and those who are hustling their way during their work from home days.Fresh cottage cheese goes well with a variety of ingredients and makes for a power packed snack time meal. You can have cubed cottage cheese with sprinkles of salt and pepper or season them with fresh herbs or even marinate them in olive oil. In addition to facilitating sustainable weight loss, this alternative has skin-boosting properties that help add that extra glow! What’s best, cottage cheese is among a healthier cheese variant and adds a mere 100 calories or less to your diet.

Try a Bowl Full of Boiled Chickpeas Please!
Quite like cottage cheese, chickpeas is another healthy alternative that is packed with the goodness of protein and acts as a versatile ingredient while working out a nutrient rich meal. A bowl of boiled chickpeas make for a quick snack and serve the right dose of energy even when you are on a low-calorie diet. If you are into no-fuss cooking, mixing boiled chickpea salad with chopped tomatoes and onions can be your ideal work from home tea-time accompaniment. However, if you have the time and will to be more experimental, grind chickpeas into hummus and have this ip smacking dip alongside your favorite veggie cuts. 

Reimagine Pumpkins!
We understand how unappetizing this might sound but pumpkin is a really a superfood that helps you feel satiated and full for a long time. However, unappealing that might sound to some, this seemingly boring ingredient can easily be turned into something exciting. Did you know pumpkin goes wonderfully well with yogurt and makes for a protein filled snack ideal to kick start a long work day? That’s right, pureed pumpkin with yogurt is a great snack for both kids and adults alike. If you are also someone eyeing weight loss while you are at home, you can add some grated almond, cinnamon and pumpkin puree to your favorite yogurt and stay fit  without stocking up those extra calr

Let Nuts and Berries Come to the Rescue
Combining dried or fresh berries including strawberry and blueberry with your choice of nuts is a great snacking option whether you are working from home or are on the go. When coupled with some yogurt, the taste amps up many folds while tending to your impulsive sugar cravings. If you are new to healthy snacking and want to keep it simple, give this wholesome alternative a try. If you are not a fan of yoghurt, opt for some cheese along with berries. Berries are great low calorie healthy alternatives that not only stabilize your weight loss journey but also help you stay satiated for longer. What’s best, berries are the best source of energy to keep you going even on a diet.

Rely on Bananas for an Instant Kick!
If the aforementioned snacks do not appeal to your palette or culinary sensibilities, just stock up some bananas and much on.Underrated yet full of goodness, Bananas are the most powerful 100 calorie snack that is infused with several vitamins and minerals. If you get hungry in between meals or end up emptying a bag full of chips rather often, pick up a banana instead and experience what finding instant energy feels like.

By: Anubha Hatwal | on 2020-08-20

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