5 Health Monitors You Must Have At Home

5 Health Monitors You Must Have At Home

Good health is the biggest wealth you can have, and hence keeping an eye on it is extremely vital for you. The instances of lifestyle diseases and chronic conditions are increasing among people of all ages due to several reasons, ranging from sedentary living habits and high stress to polluted environment and unhealthy diet. 

Proper health monitoring is needed to keep a check on your well-being and identify any signs of deterioration as soon as possible. However, obviously, it is not possible for people to visit a doctor every week for a health checkup. Fortunately, there are certain devices for health monitoring available today that allow for the inspection of important body parameters right at your home.

Health monitors you must have at home

Blood Glucose Monitor: Pre-diabetes or type 2 diabetes have become extremely common today, especially among the urban populace. Anyone diagnosed with such conditions has to measure his/her blood sugar levels on a daily basis. Blood glucose monitors allow people to do so in their homes. By using this health monitoring device, diabetic patients can contact their doctor at once in case they observe any extreme fluctuation in the glucose level in the bloodstream, so that swift remedial action can be taken. 

Pulse Oximeter: In case there is not adequate oxygen level present in the blood, the situation can lead to hypoxemia. This can subsequently result in organ failure. A pulse oximeter is helpful in detecting the concentration of oxygen in the blood, so as to provide the assurance that the proper level of oxygen is being transported to the organs of the body through the blood cells.

Blood Pressure Monitor: One of the most popular devices for health monitoring, a blood pressure monitor is important for people suffering from low or high BP. Due to the high stress levels prevalent among people today, the situations of developing high BP have also increased. Keeping an eye on this parameter not only allows people to identify fluctuations but also aids in understanding the effects the prescription medicines have on blood sugar levels.

Weighing Scale: Maintaining proper body weight is vital to staying fit and healthy. Moreover, a sudden increase in weight can be an indication of certain underlying health conditions. Hence, you must always have weighing scales at your home.

Thermometer: Last, but certainly not the least important, a thermometer is needed to keep a check on your body temperature in case you develop the flu, fever or cold.  

The medical devices marked above should be present in all households to keep a check on the overall health.

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-07-14

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