5 Popular Lab Tests That You Can Get Done From Home

5 Popular Lab Tests That You Can Get Done From Home

The ability to get lab tests done at home is not a new advancement in healthcare services, but it surely is booming with time. With several benefits, health institutions have adopted new technologies and enabled people to get the work done according to their convenience. It has become a new norm to prevent the spread of communicable diseases as it limits the contact of healthy people with infected persons. 

Online booking and home lab sample collection by several healthcare providers have made the process safe, comfortable and viable. It is where they can cut cost on the infrastructure while improving the investment amount on the manpower. A person who comes for a sample collection at home offers undivided attention to the patient, uses sterile tools and leaves no place for errors.

Here are the five most popular lab tests that you can book online for home sample collection:

  1. Coronavirus test – The pandemic that has shut the entire world and affected uncountable lives that requires testing with limited contact with another healthy human. Home sample collection is the best method to ensure that the patient remains in isolation without compromising initial access to healthcare. A collector takes a swab and inserts it to collect the specimen from the throat and nasal cavity. People can also book the ‘Antibody Test’ for examining the immune response of their body to fight the virus.
  2. Vitamin D profile test – Unhealthy eating habits and less exposure to sunlight can escalate the deficiency of vitamin D among many people. A profile test gives you the count of Vitamin D3, D2 and D Total. The deficiency of the vitamin can create a lot of health ailments and bring down the immunity response to fight infections. Similar to this test, people can book many other tests for examining any nutrient deficiency in their body.
  3. Urine test – Urinalysis or urine test can be prescribed to people to detect an array of disorders, including kidney diseases, diabetes, urinary tract infection, substance abuse and more. The collector takes the urine sample from your home, and the labs test the abnormality in the content, colour and concentration. 
  4. Thyroid test – Doctors prescribe thyroid test to check if the gland is working appropriately. The thyroid gland exists in the shape of a butterfly and produces two hormones – T3 and T4. The abnormality in the gland can lead to hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism. One can book a test for the home to examine the levels of the thyroid hormones or thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH). 
  5. Diabetes test – People with high blood sugar levels often require diabetes testing. It helps to detect, diagnose and monitor the glucose level in the body to ensure that you are not surpassing the normal count. It can also detect people who are asymptomatic and can get affected by the disease at a later stage in their life. 

Every day, the healthcare sector is making advancements in Science and Medicine. Sample collection of lab tests at home has added comfort in the lives of many people and allowed them to access better healthcare infrastructure. 

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-06-29

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