5 Symptoms of PCOD that Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

5 Symptoms of PCOD that Every Woman Should Be Aware Of

Polycystic Ovarian Disease or PCOD problem  is a common health disorder occurring in women during their reproductive age (late teens to late 20s). PCOD pain is one of the major health conditions in women caused by hormonal imbalances. PCOD problem is primarily caused due to enlarged ovaries and the formation of cysts (made from water).  

The PCOD problem symptoms start appearing in women when there are disorders in the reproductive hormones. PCOD treatment mainly involves healthy lifestyle changes and taking PCOD supplements and medications.

Symptoms of PCOD

The naturality of PCOD problem symptoms is the main cause for people not recognising them and getting treated. This is why every woman should be well aware of the PCOD problem symptoms so that they can quickly be identified and treated.

  • Hair Fall and Excess Hair Growth on the Body

The PCOD problem primarily affects the hair. The hair would gradually become thinner, and there could be excessive hair fall. The centre gap in the hair becomes wider due to the changes caused by the reproductive hormonal abnormalities. Contrary to the head, having unwanted hair growth on various parts of the body is another PCOD problem symptom. There would be abnormal or unwanted hair growth on the face (especially the chin area) and neck.

  • Irregular Periods or Missing Periods 

Missing periods are common among women. Once or twice a year, all women might naturally get their period early or late. But it is important to diagnose the difference between whether it’s just a naturally missed period or a PCOD problem symptom. The body is considered to be affected by PCOD problems if the periods are early or late almost every month or there is a complete imbalance in the menstrual cycle, leading to a missed period for 2 or 3 months or multiple periods in a single month. Heavy bleeding is also a major symptom of PCOD.

  • Acne and Darkening of Skin

Getting pimples or having several acne spots over the face, neck or anywhere else on the skin is one of the common PCOD problem symptoms. Women suffering from PCOD would also observe getting skin thickened into dark patches at sensitive areas like the neck, breasts, or groin. This is the most visible PCOD symptom that should be immediately observed and considered for PCOD treatment.

  • Excessive Weight Gain Even When Controlling Measures are Being Taken

Regularly eating unhealthy foods like processed products, extra-fat items, packaged food, etc. and additionally, not having any means of exercise or brisk movements would lead to weight gain. This weight gain could be a major cause and effect of the PCOD problem. The body can be considered suffering from PCOD if the weight gain is too abnormal, like growing heavy even when the food habits are in control, the workouts and exercises not showing proper effects, or having concentrated weight gain in the abdomen area.

  • Fertility Problems

PCOD pain can cause difficulty in conceiving for women of the ages between 18-30 years. Miscarriage or premature deliveries are also a major possibility among women suffering from Polycystic Ovarian Disease. 

Constant Awareness & Healthy Lifestyle is the Key

Reproductive age is the time in women when the reproductive hormones are very active, leading to constant changes or imbalances in the hormonal levels, thereby leading to PCOD problems. Hence, this is when every woman should keep a close check and avoid all kinds of unhealthy lifestyle habits.

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-08-03

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