All About Yellow Fungus

All About Yellow Fungus

From the beginning of 2020, India is suffering from a global pandemic – COVID-19. Since then, many fungal infections have cropped up, primarily associated with COVID-19. In the same line, the first case of yellow fungus was reported in Ghaziabad, UP. Though all the fungi have more or less the same symptoms, this fungus is different from black and white fungi in its spread. Also, it has been announced that yellow fungus disease is more dangerous.

The victim usually catches the infection through polluted surfaces or by inhalation of moulds present in the environment. People living under unsanitary conditions and in highly humid areas are prone to get infected. One comforting fact is that it is not communicable.


As the havoc the yellow fungus infection causes is dreadful, look out for symptoms from day one. Here are some significant yellow fungus symptoms to remember –

  • Fatigue
  • Unexplained weight loss
  • Sunken eyes
  • Delay in the healing process
  • Facial pain and swelling


One should pay attention to the causes of infection so that timely care is provided. Some common causes of yellow fungus disease include –

  • Immunodeficiency or weak immune system
  • Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus
  • Poor hygiene and unclean habitat
  • Other pre-existing comorbidities

Utmost attention and care ought to be required for those who are at higher risk of getting infected. On that note, some risk factors of yellow fungus infection are –

  • Patients on oxygen support for a long time, e.g. during COVID-19
  • Patients on long term steroid treatment


One needs to be cautious about yellow fungus as it is a new fungal infection with less information and no vaccine. If you don’t want to fall into a trap of this harmful infection, following these measures is a primary task –

  • Keep yourself and your surroundings tidy
  • Look out for humidity in your room, which shouldn’t exceed 30% to 40%
  • Follow the doctor’s instructions about antifungal medicines if you have had an organ transplant or COVID-19

Reach out to the doctor

Delay in diagnosis and treatment of yellow fungus disease might have fatal results. You will have to take immediate action if you notice any of the above symptoms, including leakage of pus from wounds. If not, it may affect the inner parts of some vital organs, which might turn irreversible.


Due to a lack of analytical information regarding the disease and its treatment, Amphotericin-B, a widely used broad-spectrum antifungal injection, is the treatment of choice. In chronic cases where the infection has spread internally, surgery may be required to cut the infected tissues or parts.

Many people have lost their lives to COVID-19.  In such a miserable situation, everyone needs to be very sensitive about their health, hygiene, and environment. This will protect you from yellow fungus and many other microbial infections, thus helping you lead a healthy life.

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-08-20

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