Are you prepared to fight COVID-19?

Are you prepared to fight COVID-19?

Lend a hand in preventing the COVID-19 from getting out of hands. Here’s how!

All long and winding alleys and far-flung highways wear a deserted look. The streets are barren, offices empty and households bustling with anxiety. A “flu-like” disease has left the whole world wondering “WHO can save us, afterall?”

But did you know that one of the easiest ways to keep COVID-19 from spreading is but in our own hands? That’s right! Prominent Health authorities including WHO’s advice states that each one of us will have to work hand in hand to contain the virus. Here’s how:

Make hand-rubs your best buds

Ever since the outbreak of the notorious coronavirus, all public health authorities have relentlessly emphasized on how frequent, thorough and mindful hand washing acts as a primary preventive measure against the pandemic. Soap and alcohol-based hand sanitizers are known to kill the virus and shake off its malignant effects.

Let distance grow the heart fonder (and life longer)

If you find yourself amidst someone who is coughing or sneezing, ensure you stay at a distance of at least 3 feet to avoid breathing in the virus. It is suggested that a good way to protect yourself and your loved ones is to exercise social distancing. Whether you are an ardent people’s person or a social butterfly, a little “me time” at home will surely do you a whole lot of good.

Keep your hands off your face

Our first-hand encounter with any contaminated surface is through our hands. Since we touch an array of objects at any given time, our hands are at the risk of picking up viruses and transferring them to the eyes, nose, and mouth along the way. It is, therefore, recommended that you avoid touching your face, nose or mouth at all times and keep the risk of the virus entering your system at bay.​

Flex elbows as you sneeze

Exercising respiratory hygiene is a good practice to prevent the spread. Ensure you encourage yourself and everyone around to reach out for a tissue or use a flexed elbow while sneezing or coughing.​

Keep all the updated information at your fingertips

Equipping yourself with all the latest information from credible sources is a good way to stay aware and debunk misinformation and chaos from brewing. Ensure you follow all the guidance disseminated by local or state healthcare experts or authorities to stay abreast of the recent developments in your area.

By: Kiara Sharma | on 2020-03-09

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