Bid Goodbye To A Greasy And Itchy Scalp With These Simple Tips

Bid Goodbye To A Greasy And Itchy Scalp With These Simple Tips

Having luscious and shiny locks is a dream for all. However, having tresses like Rapunzel from ‘Tangled’ is not easy. You need to follow a proper hair care regime for that. Much like having a proper skincare routine, you must also pay special heed to the needs of your hair. There are several factors that contribute to strong and shiny hair, your scalp health being among the major ones.  Your scalp should ideally be free of any type of itchiness, redness, and flakiness.

Simple tips you can easily follow for a healthy scalp

Use Gentle Hair Care Products

For good hair, you must try to add more organic products into your care regime and steer clear of the ones containing alcohols or sulfates. The latter can especially strip away the natural oil present in your hair, which makes the scalp drier and prone to irritation. Alcohol can reduce the moisture level in your hair, which can result in inflammation, subsequently leaving you with an irritated and itchy scalp. Organic hair care products are relatively gentler on the scalp, and much less prone to causing any kind of damage.

Shampoo Gently 

A lot of us are prone to shampooing rigorously to get all the dirt and grime out of our hair. But, this can cause greater hair fall and even result in abrasions on the scalp. Instead of roughly scrubbing your scalp, you should gently massage the shampoo.

Wash Less Often

Your hair care regime should not include washing it daily. While a lot of people, especially the ones with oily hair, think that they should shampoo their hair regularly; doing so can often end up backfiring. Cleansing your hair with a shampoo frequently not just helps get rid of dirt, but also of important natural oil. In this situation, your scalp might produce more oil to stay hydrated, leaving you with even greasier hair.

Add More Antioxidants To Your Diet 

Your diet is as important to achieving luscious hair, as your hair care products. Oxidative stress can hamper the health of your scalp, and may even result in hair loss. This situation takes place when the harmful free radicals in your body go over the important antioxidants. Vegetables and fruits are the ideal sources of antioxidants. You should try to incorporate fruits and vegetables of diverse varieties into your diet, for healthier hair, body, and skin.

The above-mentioned good hair care tips can significantly help you to flaunt the perfect locks. So, try them out!

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-07-13

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