Cheapest + Easiest + Safest Nutrition Plan to Save You Money & Time

Cheapest + Easiest + Safest Nutrition Plan to Save You Money & Time

Thousands of diet plans, hundreds of exercise regimes, ample of free advice and conflicting information on the internet mystify fitness and make it an extremely tricky subject. All this and more add to the confusion, frustration and hopelessness of fitness enthusiasts and newbies trying to figure out healthy ways of eating. What’s worse is how the concept of optimal nutrition undergoes a sea change every decade- adding to the woes of those who thought they did it right all along.

A good way to demystify the art of healthy eating is not only maintaining balance but also rediscovering the age-old wisdom of food that has been passed down to us through our moms and grandmoms over the years. The rage and age of Kareena Kapoor’s zero figure may be gone but it brought to the fore celebrity nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar trying to sensitize us with her eat “local, seasonal and traditional” mantra.

This National Nutrition Week, let’s take a walk home and reacquaint ourselves with the joys of home food, eating local, traditional & seasonal and keeping it real simple. Read on!

Return to your roots
According to several popular nutritionists, the classical rules of healthy eating rule all along. The way ahead, therefore, is going back to the roots and beginning to eat what is local to your region and is in the season. The good old Ayurvedic wisdom of eating traditional and seasonal foods lends diversity to the diet and helps us get the nutritional benefits along the way. So instead of splitting your diet into food groups like carbs, protein and more, consume whatever you have been growing up eating, eat things that are naturally grown in your area at a given point in time and practice moderation.

Remove foods from your diet that come in a packet
Remember how your grandmothers would spend hours cooking lip-smacking delicacies and scorn at the sight of store or restaurant bought food items? It’s time we imbibe the habit. Anything that is not freshly made and is processed is a big no in terms of nutrition. The easiest and cheapest way to avoid this is by sticking to home-cooked food as much as possible. Since all processed and packaged foods are likely to be laden with sugar and preservatives, they may do more harm than good. Additionally, whenever you crave for some comfort food or wish to order a pizza or a dessert, consider making it at home. Homemade items not only help add nutrition to your meals but also keeps your health in check. Additionally, rely on seasonal whole foods and veggies instead of packaged juices and sugary beverages.

Relearn portion control
In the age of binging on content on the internet and junk in our diets, it’s essential we relearn the beauty of patience and portions in our lives. Practicing portion control is the way ahead to feeling fit and being healthy. The best benefits of portioning are realized when you find yourself eating all your favorite items without an iota of guilt. According to nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar's, the key to portion control is making a mental map and visualizing the amount you plan on eating, consuming half of your visualized amount of food and taking double the time to eat. If you are still hungry at the end of the drill, repeat the step from visualizing and carry on. This step serves as a great tool for mindful nutritional eating, practicing moderation and reducing chances of starving and overeating.

By: Anubha Hatwal | on 2020-09-04

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