De-Worm Your Kids ASAP For Their Good Health

De-Worm Your Kids ASAP For Their Good Health

The development of intestinal worm infections is quite common in a country like India, especially among children. These infections can have a major impact on the nutritional well-being of a kid. Intestinal worm infection can be of several types, like whipworm, hookworm and roundworm being some of the most common ones. They mostly affect kids and can have a detrimental impact on their development and growth. Conversely, even adults can be infected by this condition, leading to symptoms like stomach pain, vomiting and sudden weight loss. Even though it is not a life-threatening condition, the need to deworm is high for anyone suffering from intestinal worm infections to ensure their overall good health.

Importance of deworming your kids

Deworming in kids can help in boosting their immunity, augment nutritional uptake, and most importantly, help in controlling infections. Intestinal worms can multiply in the walls of the intestine of a child and lead to many health problems over time if not controlled immediately. Intestinal worm infections can even result in mal-absorption and anaemia, which essentially can have a severe influence on the development of a kid. Hence, the need to deworm kids is extremely high.

Timely de-worming can provide children with the much-needed protection against discerning chronic illnesses that might have taken place due to intestinal worms. As a result, they are likely to be more productive in school. Deworming may even improve the nutritional uptake levels in kids and help manage conditions like loose bowels and anaemia.

Frequency of deworming

Deworming in kids should be done on a regular basis right from the time they are two years old. Certain kids might be more prone to these infections than others and hence would need repeated de-worming.

There are many factors that increase the risk of getting infected with intestinal worms among kids, contaminated water and food being two of the most common ones. Poor hygiene, eating undercooked food and being in direct contact with the soil from the garden or playground are some of the most common reasons why children might suffer from these infections. Frequent urination, high stomach pain, constipation, rashes on the buttocks, fatigue, poor appetite and sudden weight loss are some of the indications that your child might have intestinal worm infections. In such a situation, you must try to get them de-wormed as soon as possible. Medicines needed for doing so can be found in almost any local pharmacy.

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-07-16

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