DIY health hacks to help you practice Ayurveda simply!

DIY health hacks to help you practice Ayurveda simply!

Did you know that Ayurveda- the 5000-year-old ‘Science of Life’ has gradually evolved as one of the most revered alternative healing practices across the globe? With its roots firmly planted in India’s Vedic culture, Ayurveda has been embraced by Early Greek Medicine, Tibetian Techniques and Traditional Chinese medicine for its body of classical wisdom on natural healing.

In a statement on Ayurveda, the ministry of AYUSH addressed the need to enhance the body’s natural defence system or immunity in maintaining optimum health. Acknowledging that there may not be any known treatments for the ongoing pandemic yet, the ministry recommends adopting preventive measures to boost immunity and pave the way toward healthier communities. The Ministry further points towards adhering to Ayurveda’s self-care guidelines to keep oneself safe. But before delving into the potential of Ayurvedic treatment, let us go back several thousand years and understand the essence of Ayurveda and what it actually teaches.

The name Ayurveda stems out of two concepts. Ayur means life and Veda that is science or knowledge. Ayurvedic treatment, therefore, is beyond a mere system of treating illnesses, it is instead “the Science of Life” that stresses on dynamic and balanced integration of health with the given environment. Ayurvedic treatments have been the crowning glory of a deeply thought-through science. The one that encapsulates time-tested and potent powers of nature and some of the most vital aspects of the human experience.

Therefore, any Ayurvedic treatment calls for harmonizing one’s personal habits with one’s natural energies. By getting in sync with nature and yourself, you can nip old, draining, disease-inducing habits right in the bud.  You can effortlessly fall into a fitness-restoring, immunity-boosting and wellness-promoting routine. You can streamline your daily lifestyle patterns, inculcate nutritional habits in children and help parents enjoy a more energetic, enlightened and healthier life! Ayurveda is all about reverse-engineering complex habits and developing awareness about one’s body to achieve, uplift and maintain immunity.

With Ayurveda, one can equip themselves and mould their life and lifestyle so that they do not become a susceptible host. This profound wisdom is crucial amid the lethal coronavirus outbreak. The Ministry of AYUSH, therefore, endorses several Self-care Ayurvedic guidelines that not only boost your immune system but also help you restore balance. Some of the factors that can help augment immunity have been listed below: 

1. Keep Your Hydration Game Strong
A well-hydrated body allows smoother blood-flow, which in turn helps each stem, tissue and cell of the body to work more efficiently. One highly potent ayurvedic solution to prevent coronavirus is drinking warm water throughout the day.

2. Exercise Daily to Thwart Illnesses
An active body works like a well-oiled machine, where every rivet performs its function optimally. Therefore, amid the pandemic, staying active and healthy at home can help. Ensure you keep up a regular yoga practice and include Yogasana, Pranayama and Meditation in your dincharya. Those who are overweight can take this opportunity to exercise, eat a balanced diet and bring down their weight to a healthy, comfortable range. Since the blood-related nature of the coronavirus can make those with weight issues and cardiovascular diseases more susceptible to complications, ensuring that you maintain a healthy body weight is crucial.

3. Dietary Measures to Keep in Mind
A powerful Ayurvedic solution to fight the Coronavirus is to not only maintain a well-balanced diet with all six tastes but also to incorporate certain immunity-boosting, herbaceous treats into one’s diet. The inclusion of spices that are high in oxygen radical absorbance capacity, help reduce cell damage and maintain health. Turmeric, coriander, cloves, sesame, cinnamon and pepper for instance can easily be included in all meals. Golden milk or turmeric-infused milk can also be used as a potent immunity booster. Alternately, begin your day with ginger tea infused with Tulsi to strengthen and cleanse the upper respiratory tract.

4. Give Ayurvedic Wellness Treats a Try
Apart from spices, Ayurvedic treatment also incorporates several herbs, oils and potent concoctions that boost the immune and the respiratory system while enhancing overall emotional, physical and mental wellbeing. According to the Ayurvedic perspective on disease, germs bacteria or viruses can only affect someone with a compromised immune system - a host, if you will; that said, the treatise does factor in the presence of pathogens all around us. Therefore, it is up to a practitioner of the age-old science of life, by way of their routine and habits, to form an ‘immunity barrier’ around them and keep disease and other imbalances at bay.

A susceptible host or body is the one that has its immunity compromised by the aforementioned factors. So, in case you feel you have a weak immune system, or you wish to strengthen it further, give Ayurvedic immunity boosters, revitalizing tablets and health supplements a try!

By: Anubha Hatwal | on 2020-11-12

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