From Aaaa…. to Yum..: 5 Hacks to Handle Teeth Sensitivity Like a Boss!

From Aaaa…. to Yum..: 5 Hacks to Handle Teeth Sensitivity Like a Boss!

Does the very thought of sipping piping hot coffee or biting into freezing ice lollies incite a real pain in the mouth? Well, then you are not alone because 1 in every 10 Indian is susceptible to tooth discomfort or sensitivity. What’s interesting to note here is how this problem is twice as common among women than men.

We agree that nothing is more frustrating and nagging than tooth irritation. While toothache may be the leading cause for dentist visits, teeth sensitivity too calls for equal attention and causes great discomfort. Ranging  from sharp sensations to piercing aches, sensitivity makes itself felt in rather insensitive ways. This is because sensitivity in teeth stems from the wearing down of the tooth enamel that exposes the nerves and makes them vulnerable to extreme temperature.

While most of us become sensitized to teeth sensitivity especially after a recent whitening session,  many brush it under the rug at first. However, it is crucial to understand that any persistent teeth issue can lead to an alarming health concern over the years. Most dentists reveal how poor state of oral health may be  a predisposition to heart ailments and increase the risk of certain types of cancers. Scroll down to know how to nip teeth sensitivity right in the bud and keep up your oral health.

Keep Your Mouthwash Usage in Check
While most us may have episodic instances of teeth sensitivity, if the problem persists it could be due to overuse of mouthwash. If you are someone who is big on using mouthwashes or any of  those minty cleansing solutions, keep mouthwash swigging and rinsing to a minimum. Since most mouth cleansers have acids in them, they are a leading cause of sensitivity and may aggravate it.

Consider Softer Brushes and Sensitive Pastes
Getting in touch with your dentist is highly recommended for people whose teeth sensitivities are deeply rooted. However, if sensitivity is  short lived, consider using softer bristles and medically formulated toothpastes. 

Alter Your Brushing Style
Since sensitivity is primarily caused by enamel wear out, ensure you steer clear of vigorous brushing. Scrubbing your pearly whites too much or too heavily may add to the deterioration and put you at a higher risk of sensitivity. Therefore, it is best to go easy on your precious pearls and brush gently to flaunt them for a lifetime.

Avoid Grinding Your Teeth
While grinding teeth may seem like a harmless activity, it is important to note that it adds to the chipping of the enamel. This may further cause the hollow tubes leading to the nerves to be exposed and lead to sensitivity.  If this is an ongoing medical condition, check with  your doctor for any custom fit mouth guard  that can keep grinding at bay. 

Give Acidic Food and Drinks a Pass
If sensitivity is a pressing issue, brace yourself up to bid adieu to acidic items including sodas, red wine, sugar-laden drinks, citrus fruits or any acid inducing edibles. Look for non-acidic alternatives. If avoiding these items is completely impossible, minimize your consumption, and always make use of a straw to keep acid exposure at bay. 

By: Anubha Hatwal | on 2020-09-21

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