Full Body Checkups And Its Necessity

Full Body Checkups And Its Necessity

We live in a world where technology has become the greatest substructure. We just make time for ourselves, not for eating well, sleeping enough and exercising. Unhealthy lifestyle, environmental factors come into play as well. Although they can be a cautious indicator of our health, we tend to ignore them because we consider them insignificant until things become ugly and our health has serious problems. Having exercise choices and diet plans can reduce the risk of diseases and illnesses. Nothing can track things better than a regular health checkup. Nowadays there are several health checkup packages online as well as physical ones to opt for.

A few of the things that are important to make note of while going for a full body checkup are:

  • The individual will be asked about any form of pre-clinical checkup that he/she has undergone. Any form of clinical checkup carried out at earlier times will be noted down. Tests such as level of cholesterol, blood pressure, pap tests and immunizations are mostly noted down.
  • To get an idea about any form of hereditary disease, a family history related to diseases is required. It is important for any doctor to know beforehand if there is any form of hereditary disease.
  • A patient might undergo medications sometime in the past. In such cases, it is important that the doctor reviews all types of past medications and also any form of surgeries conducted in the past.
  • Any form of habits associated with the patient, such as consumption of drugs and smoking, should be brought to the notice of the doctor. 
  • For those who are suffering from any form of symptoms of any disease, physical examination is important. 

There are several tests included in the full body checkup of an individual. 

  • General examination of the body such as weight, blood pressure, height and pulse rate 
  • Blood tests for determining the presence of any infections such as anaemia 
  • For assessing the cardiovascular health of the individual, lipid profile tests are carried out
  • For assessing the functions of a liver, tests are carried out
  • Chest x-rays
  • Urine tests

As health checkups consist of a wide variety of tests to assess the function and health of the individual, it is always recommended that the people do their checkups regularly. Provisions are also there nowadays to carry out the health checkup at home.

If a person is below the age of 35 years, then it is not mandatory to do the checkup once a year. However, they can do their checkups once every 2-3 years. Also, if there are no medical conditions associated with people over 35 years and below 45 years, then once a year checkup can be omitted. But, it is highly recommended that persons above 45 years of age go for their regular checkups once every year.

By: 1Tab Deck | on 2021-07-30

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