Heading Back to The Gym? Here’s What You Should Know

Heading Back to The Gym? Here’s What You Should Know

Is going to the gym safe? Should I wear a mask while working out? And do I need to stay six-feet apart during cardio? Well, since the nationwide reopening of the gyms a lot of people have a flux whether to go back or continue with the indoor workout routine. While the fear of spreading coronavirus is putting a halt on the physical activity of many, with the right precautions you can kickstart your gym routine. 

With long months of looming lockdown putting a still on the workout routine for many, reopening proved to be good news to the gym lovers. And as much as everyone wants the world to go back to the pre-pandemic normal where going to the gym required no extra considerations, now there is a lot one needs to take into consideration. As suggested by the government, here are a few safety standards implemented by the gym owners:

  • Checking body temperature at the entry 
  • Sanitizers installed at the entry as well as other points in the gym 
  • Sanitizing equipment and surfaces frequently 
  • Maintain minor batches to avoid crowding 

While gym owners are doing enough on their part, it’s important to keep a check on your health. Avoid going to a gym if you are unwell, as it might affect others and even make you more prone to contracting the coronavirus infection. Adding to it, say no to fitness classes, be it zumba or yoga, as you’ll be in a smaller space and more people around. Furthermore, research shows that communicable diseases spread easily when more people are panting and sweating in the same small space. Therefore, make sure that you maintain at least six feet of distance while doing cardio workouts. 

When heading back to your gym, try keeping your first day a short one to access if the conditions at your gym are safe enough. While coming in contact with people and visiting public places might pose a risk until a cure comes through, but you can take a few steps to reduce the risk. 

Here’s what you can do if you are heading back to the gym:

  • Sanitize or wash your hands before you enter and leave the gym 
  • Take your hand sanitizers, clean towels and water bottles along 
  • Wear a mask or a face shield while performing any exercise 
  • Avoid touching your face, mouth or eyes during the workout 
  • Make sure to sanitize the equipment before and after you use it 
  • Maintain proper social distancing while working out 
  • Avoid going at peak or rush hours to avoid coming in contact with a lot of people  

By: Navreet Kaur | on 2020-11-03

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