How Can You Stay Healthy This Monsoon?

How Can You Stay Healthy This Monsoon?

With dark clouds and greenery all around, monsoon season is a wonderful time of the year for people who adore rain. The season also brings a welcome respite from the scorching summer heat. However, it comes with a slew of health issues, from a rise in vector-borne illnesses like malaria and dengue to cold and flu brought on by extreme temperature fluctuations. Furthermore, increased water pollution ups the odds of contracting waterborne illnesses. To remain in pink of your health, here are a few monsoon health safety tips to follow: 

  • Start with a healthy diet – The immune response of our body is said to be weakened during the rainy season, as soon as the weather changes fast around us. As a result, staying healthy during these wet rainy months requires additional caution with the special monsoon diet plan. Seasonal fruits such as pears, blackberries, and cherries are highly suggested. Furthermore, edible items, including rainy season fruit and veggies, especially leafy green ones, should be properly washed before consumption. Besides, go for completely prepared food for the rainy season rather than half-cooked ones. Also, stay away from contaminated street food, especially fried spicy items, which can spread seasonal allergies. During the rainy season, these food items increase the risk of acidity as well.
  • Clean up your surroundings – When monsoon arrives, keep your house and its vicinity cleaner. This helps to decrease the danger of mosquito-borne diseases, with no standing water or rotting materials around. Also, it is advisable to use organic repellents to keep troublesome flies and other insects at bay. Getting pest control done during monsoons is also a good idea. Fumigation will assist in keeping illnesses at bay by removing all undesirable insects.
  • Exercise often – Whether holidaying at a resort or relaxing at home, we must get our daily dosage of physical activity. Notably, everyday yoga/exercise for the rainy season is essential for boosting the body's immune system and, as a result, warding off diseases. 
  • Stay hydrated – Drinking water is important for our overall well-being, regardless of the season. But, during rains, doctors urge to maintain a regular water intake to keep hydrated, something we frequently overlook. Our bodies lose water at a quicker rate when there is too much humidity in the air, and this dehydration can cause extreme lethargy. 

Following the above-mentioned health tips during rains will not only help you take good care of yourself, but also make the season more enjoyable.

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-07-26

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