Important Factors You Should Know To Monitor Blood Pressure at Home

Important Factors You Should Know To Monitor Blood Pressure at Home

Checking blood pressure at home is much easier than you’d expect. If you’ve had high or low blood pressure in the past, you’d know how important it is to monitor it. Especially in times when you can’t step out, have hours of meetings and a lot going on, there are chances you’d miss doctor visits to get your blood pressure checked. Well, the first step is to buy the right equipment to monitor blood pressure. 

While getting the right equipment delivered at home has become a breeze, monitoring it right is of importance too. Keeping a regular check on blood pressure helps in staying aware of overall well-being while diagnosing your health problems early. For a quick reading at home, you can easily order your blood pressure monitor here. Read on to know more about the correct ways of measuring your blood pressure:

  • Sit in a comfortable position for at least 5 minutes before you plan to take your readings.
  • Make sure to empty your bladder before taking a reading. 
  • Don’t talk while taking your blood pressure reading. 
  • Avoid wearing tight clothing and roll up your sleeve while using a blood pressure monitor. 
  • Sit up straight with legs uncrossed and rest your forearm on a table at your chest’s height. 

Can blood pressure readings get affected?

Yes, certain factors lead to a temporary rise in blood pressure. Some of the factors include:

Position of measuring cuff 

Rest your arm on a table and at the level of your chest. Make sure you put the measuring cuff at the right position with palms facing up for correct readings. 


Particular medicines affect your blood pressure. Consult your doctor if you experience a sudden rise or dip in blood pressure while taking a reading. 

Smoking or consuming alcohol 

Blood pressure usually increases after consuming alcohol, caffeine or tobacco. Keep a gap of at least 30-40 minutes before taking a reading. 

Stress or anxiety 

Some people experience nervousness and anxiety before monitoring their blood pressure. Try to stay calm for correct monitoring of blood pressure. 

Key Takeaway 

If you’ve had high or low BP in the past, that doesn’t mean you have to rush to your doctor’s clinic everytime you want your blood pressure checked. You can keep a track of your blood pressure readings at home with a blood pressure monitor. While following the instructions on how to use the equipment, make sure to avoid the factors that could lead to fluctuation. In case you observe recurrent rise or dip in the readings, consult your doctor for timely treatment. 

By: Navreet Kaur | on 2021-06-24

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