Is there any link between coronavirus and menstruation?

Is there any link between coronavirus and menstruation?

The Covid-19 pandemic has taken a toll on the Indian population with concerning cases of severe infection along with developing conditions of black, white and yellow fungus. In addition to the risk of contracting the disease, people have also been grappling with major anxiety issues that may be affecting their health and overall sense of being. For women, the stress and anxiety of the pandemic are also seen manifesting in serious reproductive health issues.

While there is no strong medical evidence on the relationship between COVID 19 and menstruation, many patients have reported a disturbance in their menstrual pattern as a result of an ongoing or prior infection. Read on to know more!

What are the menstrual changes faced by post-COVID women?

Amid the second wave of the deadly coronavirus, several women have shared their complaints regarding major alterations in their period. These altered patterns reportedly range from changes in frequency, intensity, flow and duration. While a regular cycle may be indicative of complete post covid recovery in women, stories of unusual clotting, heavy bleeding along with erratic or longer periods are being reported by women. With anecdotal proof of the virus affecting women’s menstruation, many experts allude to psychologically reasons behind the change.

Could stress be the reason?

The year-long pandemic has had people struggling with not only longer working hours both at home and work but also pangs of anxiety due to isolation, physical inactivity and altered eating patterns. Cumulatively, all these factors are said to be adding to stress and fear leading to physical and psychological discomfort in post covid patients. Since stress is known to throw off the body’s central response system, it leads to a rise in cortisol that further causes hormonal imbalances and irregularities in a woman’s regular period cycle. While stress could be a critical cause of menstrual changes, currently no scientific evidence shows a link between COVID and periods. 

What reproductive health experts believe?

Some experts suggest that changes in period post covid could be coincidental and women with lingering issues may be noticing changes post the infection. Other healthcare professionals believe that the deranged menstrual cycle could be a kind of protective mechanism that must have evolved due to Covid-19.

Is there really a link between periods and COVID? 

Extensive studies on whether inflammatory responses cause some changes in the cycle are yet to be conducted. With time and more research on the same, it can be established if there is a direct connection between the two. Until then, experts suggest that a minor change reflecting on one or two cycles may not be a matter of concern. However, prolonged and serious changes or underlying causes warrant doctor consultations.

By: Anubha Hatwal | on 2021-06-01

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