Is there any link between COVID-19 and diabetes?

Is there any link between COVID-19 and diabetes?

The threat of COVID-19 infection has been looming for several months now and will continue in the near future as well. Even though vaccines for the virus are available now, it still is crucial for people to take proper precautions to stay as safe as possible. Individuals having type 1 or type 2 diabetes are especially required to be doubly cautious.

Impact of COVID-19 on diabetic patients can be severe. While diabetic individuals are not at a higher risk of catching the virus than any other person, they are likely to suffer from high complications in case they get infected. People whose diabetes is not in control have a high risk of suffering from quite severe symptoms associated with COVID-19.

Are diabetic patients more likely to have COVID-19?

As per certain early studies on COVID-19, it has been seen that around 25% of the people who went to the hospital while suffering from severe symptoms of the infection were diabetic. People having diabetes are more likely to come across major health complications due to the infection, some of which might even prove to be fatal. One of the biggest reasons for this is that high blood sugar tends to make the immune system weaker, owing to which it is less likely for a person to be in a position to fight against the infection. The risk of having a worsening health condition is even higher for people who have certain other ailments along with diabetes, such as lung or heart disease. Viral infections like COVID-19 also have the chance to augment issues like internal swelling and inflammation among diabetic patients. Such a situation can arise due to high blood sugar levels, and the inflammation can lead to even more complications.

If a person has got COVID-19 infection, they shall also be at a high risk of developing certain diabetes complications like DKA or diabetic ketoacidosis. This condition takes place when a high level of acid known as ketones ends up building in the blood. DKA is quite a serious health condition. Certain individuals infected with COVID-19 infection have sepsis, and managing the electrolyte and fluid levels of the body is vital to manage this condition.  However, patients with diabetic ketoacidosis lose out on electrolytes, and hence it becomes harder for physicians to control sepsis in such patients.

Developing diabetes after COVID-19

According to certain studies, COVID-19 impact on diabetes can go beyond increasing complications in diabetic patients. Some people have developed diabetes subsequent to suffering from an acute COVID-19 infection.


By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-07-09

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