Kidney Diseases: Treatable or curable? Know the difference!

Kidney Diseases: Treatable or curable? Know the difference!

Did you know that our bean-shaped pair of kidneys perform several vital functions? Right from filtering excess fluid and waste from the blood to maintaining overall health, proper kidney function is extremely critical. This is essentially why any serious disease of the kidneys may lead to total kidney failure & lead to the need for dialysis (an artificial method of filtering) or transplant. Let’s delve deeper into some common kidney diseases and understand their severity and types. 

CKD or Chronic Kidney Disease
This is is a long-term condition and one of the most common forms of kidney disease that causes gradual loss of optimum kidney function. Chronic kidney disease is often caused due to high blood pressure. This is mainly because high blood pressure increases the tiny blood vessels called glomeruli that are present within the kidneys to clean out blood. Persistent high blood pressure causes these vessels to damage kidney function to deteriorate completely. This decline when reaches a point when it hampers the proper functioning of the kidneys, a patient is required to start dialysis. Such treatment is aimed towards treating the kidney disease, however, it cannot completely cure the condition but slow the progression of the damage. Diabetes is another common cause of chronic kidney disease where high blood sugar in the blood further causes damage to the blood vessels in the kidney. Such damage to the blood vessel prevents proper cleaning of the blood making the body overloaded with toxins. It is worthy to note that this condition does not improve over a period of time. 

Polycystic kidney disease
Another type of kidney disorder is a polycystic kidney disease which is caused due to a genetic disorder. In this condition, numerous cysts begin to grow in the kidney. These cysts or small sacs filled with fluid meddle with kidney function further causing failure of the kidney. While individual cyst formation in the kidney is common and mostly harmless, polycystic kidney disease is a more serious condition and requires immediate medical attention.

Kidney stones
Often substances including minerals begin to crystalize or form solid masses or stones in the blood. This is another common problem of the kidneys called kidney stones. In this condition, stones are released from the body while passing urine. While kidney stones cause severe pain during urination, they seldom lead to a serious condition. 

UTI or Urinary tract infections
Though caused due to bacterial infections in the bladder and urethra, if Urinary tract infections are persistent and untreated, they may lead to serious kidney disorder. If the infection spreads to the kidney, it could lead to kidney failure.

While diseases like UTI and kidney stones are curable if treated within time, chronic kidney disease once diagnosed may become a lifetime condition that is manageable. Therefore, it is best to adopt a healthy lifestyle and maintain kidney health to avoid serious consequences.  

By: Anubha Hatwal | on 2020-11-26

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