Simple Tips To Keep A Check On The Health Of Your Aging Parents

Simple Tips To Keep A Check On The Health Of Your Aging Parents

With their increasing age, your parents shall need a greater level of care and support.  Right from managing their medications to making healthcare decisions on their behalf, you must be smart and proactive about keeping a check on parents’ health and well-being. While doing so may sound simple, properly understanding the needs and concerns of aged parents is not easy for all people. In many cases, seniors are reluctant to accept or ask for assistance from their children to preserve their sense of independence. Hence, when trying to care for parents, you must try your best to be compassionate in your approach, while not being too overbearing. 

Tips to keep a check on your parents’ health

  • Healthy eating:  One of the simplest, yet important tasks for you would be to ensure that your parents are maintaining a proper diet. The digestive system tends to slow down with age, and hence their diet must be planned as per its accordance. You should see to it that they have high-fibre fruits, whole grains and vegetables on a daily basis. As seniors are comparatively more prone to dehydration, you must ensure that your parents drink ample water every day. 
  • Put emphasis on prevention: Prevention is the key to proactively care for parents. You must take them for preventive health check-ups after every few months to be assured of their well-being. They should ideally get screened for colon cancer, cholesterol levels, heart problems and other issues that commonly affect senior citizens. Your parents must also get the vaccinations that are required to prevent infections like pneumonia and influenza.
  • Proper sleep: Insomnia and frequently waking up at night is a common issue among seniors. You must invest in a high-quality mattress that helps your aged parents to sleep comfortably and does not result in any backache or shoulder pain. If possible, you should personally turn down the lights of their room every night to spur drowsiness and see to it that the bedroom is quiet and cool enough for a slumber. 
  • Get information on medication management: Properly monitoring their medications is among the most crucial aspects of keeping a check on parents’ health. You must review their medications with the physician regularly, consider drug interactions, as well as keep a note of any symptoms that your parents might show after a change in their medicines. 

Following these simple steps can be quite fruitful for the overall health and well-being of your parents. 

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-07-26

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