These signs of a heart disease that you should never take lightly

These signs of a heart disease that you should never take lightly

Most of us expect heart ailments to have a typical warning or alarming signs, like palpitations, breathlessness or the most common one out of the lot- chest pain. But the truth is that heart disease may often come without such obvious symptoms and even not originate in the chest. That’s right! Therefore, it’s important to take note of what your body is telling you at every juncture in your life. Read on to know the most common signs that may indicate an onset of a cardiac complication or sign of heart disease.

Poor Gut Health

While chest pain is the most common symptom associated with matters of the heart, it is a fact that heart-related symptoms get manifested in the area below the chest. Often persistent vomiting, stomach issue or acidity could indicate an underlying heart problem. While most of us may associate all these symptoms to a case of food poisoning or indigestion, if triggered without a cause or food item that should not have meddled with your tummy, it should not be taken lightly. Persistent gut issues despite eating light could lead to a cause of alarm.

Neck, jaw, arm or upper back pain

Often symptoms that lead to angina or heart attack comprise of one or all of the above symptoms. Therefore, if such signs suddenly emerge, it is important to call for immediate medical aid especially when these symptoms come along with profuse sweating, uneasiness or breathlessness. Often patients showing these symptoms mistake these for a usual bout of body or muscular ache or pain. Such an assumption could be life-threatening.

Pain in the windpipe and mouth area

While throat pain or discomfort in the mouth during a cold or sinus attack is normal, in some cases it could indicate something serious or result due to underlying causes. For example, if one experiences sudden pain that originates in the chest and radiates upwards toward the throat and mouth area could signal a heart ailment. Immediate medical help is essential in such a case.

Energy depletion

While exertion or long workdays may drain anyone if one experiences persistently low energy levels during regular work, it could indicate something serious. This is true, especially in case of women. Any kind of weakness or severe fatigue that persist over a few days should be taken seriously.

Sudden or excessive sweating

If not induced by excessively hot weather, sweating abnormally or suddenly breaking into cold sweat is a major symptom of a serious heart condition. This along with discomfort, dizziness and pain could signal a medical emergency and call for immediate attention.

It is important to monitor any system that crops up out of nowhere. The best way to ensure a disease-free life is to keep up a healthy lifestyle and go for routine checkups. You can even get yourself tested in the comfort of your home by booking lab tests on 1Tab

By: Anubha Hatwal | on 2021-06-15

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