Use of Sports for Emotional & Mental Well Being

Use of Sports for Emotional & Mental Well Being

Sports and games have been a part of our lives for generations. Over time, sports has taken various forms, some old and some very new. However, the character of the games remains very much the same. All sports hail the competitive spirit, the passion, and the dedication to succeed, emerging victorious while enhancing one’s physical activity.


We are trained from a very young age to participate in sports. When we were kids, it was an entertaining physical activity, a respite from books, however, as we grew up, so did our passion for a particular sport or a game, and we strived to do our best to win the trophy during competitions. It was a moment of overwhelming pride and joy to succeed at something we are passionate about. To have our sweat and struggle paid off. But that was not all it was about, was it?

Enhances Competitive Spirit 

As they say, it is the participation that counts, and it is true. If winning were the only goal, then sports would have been destroying and not stimulating our mental health. The essence of sporting, like much else in life, is to enjoy doing what we love. If Neeraj Chopra had only the ambition and not the love for Javelin throw, he might not have clinched that gold this time. In any sport, the objective is that the best man wins but that win is not definitive. It is a win by an individual/team at a specific point of time controlled by a set of specific factors. Hence, with more hard work and competitive spirit, emerging victorious can be achieved by anyone who strives for it. 

Nurtures Team Bonding 

It is a requisite in our jobs, and in many aspects of our lives, for us to be team players. This sense of mutual support and bonding springs from our years of playing team sports. From cricket to volleyball, victory is possible when we work together as a team, and not just as individuals. A sense of team bonding also promotes our mental health positively. A single person cannot play all positions, and when every player plays his best game and supports each other, victory cannot be far behind. Sports does not just nurture team spirit but also teaches us more benevolent qualities like sacrificing, grace, respect, fair play, failures, and other important life lessons which mold us as human beings.


One of the crucial qualities we learn from sports is decision-making. Every touch of the ball, serve, and movement is not merely a reflex, but an internal decision. As solo players or a team, we must make the right decisions to give our best performance. This decision-making ability shapes our mental and psychological aptitude towards the decisions we take in our lives.

With changing times and the exhausting lifestyle and work culture, it is essential to scrape some time off our schedule, for our physical wellness and mental health. As the adage goes, all work and no play makes us dull, and a frequent sport or a team activity is what we need to keep our health on track, physically and emotionally.

By: 1Tab Desk | on 2021-08-12

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