Ways to Practice Self-care While Social Distancing

Ways to Practice Self-care While Social Distancing

From watching the news to know what’s going around the world to scrolling through social media pages, it’s easy to get carried away as time flies. And you are not alone in this! 

Amidst the coronavirus pandemic, months of lockdown, long working hours, new information popping up every second, taking care of your family and yourself, it’s normal to feel overwhelmed. The uncertainty of what will happen next has been causing ripples of anxiety, fear, anger and even causing regular headaches, fatigue, sleeplessness as well as muscle tension amongst many. But it’s time to step away from all the chaos, giving your mind and body loads of love and compassionate attention. 

Equip yourself with these powerful self-care tips to uplift your mood while social-distancing :

1. Make time to unwind 
Getting lost in the humdrum of daily life could be exhausting after a while, take out time for things that make you happy. You should try some do-it-yourself activities, be it reading, painting, knitting, writing a journal, listening to music, solving puzzles or even playing a board game on family night. Tapping into the creative side keeps the mind stimulated and is an effective way to keep your spirits high and regulate mental health. 

2. Build a routine 
While it’s tempting to sit on a couch and binge-watch the new series or scroll through social media platforms for hours, try sticking to your normal schedule as much as you can. Keep up with your sleep routines, eat regular meals and plan out your daily tasks. Getting fresh air and sunlight has been proven to be a mood booster. So, you should open the windows to let some sunshine in, spend some time on the balcony or even add some at-home workout exercises to keep up your fitness levels! 

3. Reach out to friends & family 
Social distancing to stay safe doesn’t mean emotional distancing, make use of technology to stay connected with your near and dear ones. It’s never too late to pick up the phone (or video call!) and reach out to that old friend you were thinking about or scheduling a call with your family members each week. Once in a while, plan to check on that old neighbour or someone who could be vulnerable or lonely in these uncertain times to be their ray of hope, spreading cheer around. 

4. Fuel up your nutrition intake
Food that you eat everyday, reflects on your mood and mental health. A lot of times sugary and salty food cravings are a result of fluctuating emotional needs. Fuel up your body well by having well-balanced meals and drinking plenty of water. You can also try to experiment with your food including more nuts, fruits, salads and even try new recipes. Also, it’s time to give your taste buds a treat by infusing water with cucumber slices, lemon, strawberries, mint leaves etc., savouring each sip. 

5. Set a limit to your media feeds 
While it’s important to stay informed, it’s also essential not to be overwhelmed by anxiety-provoking news. Be sure to take breaks from your social media consumption and get onto the tasks you have been putting off for long. Spend some time potting new plants, de-cluttering your almirah and drawers, re-organizing your living room or playing with your furry friends. 

Mindfulness is the key to staying calm amongst the chaos of a stressful work environment, social isolation or loneliness. Take a deep breath, have a bath, read a book or maybe go for a short walk following social distancing norms- to clear off your mind and relax. 

By: Navreet Kaur | on 2020-08-20

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