Why This Local Spice From Every Household Deserves Global Recognition

Why This Local Spice From Every Household Deserves Global Recognition

Quick Question. What comes to your mind when you think of the phrase an ordinary spice with extraordinary benefits? Here’s a hint, most Asian households have for long been reaping the benefits of this golden spice, that belongs to the ginger family. What’s interesting, however,  is how this ancient spice is coming back in vogue especially after the western world woke up to its magic. What’s most striking is its  beautiful evolution  from our good old “haldi doodh” to a hot shot  global makeover with “Golden Milk” and “Turmeric Latte”. That’s right, this wonder spice is none other than turmeric. With time, our humble turmeric from being a household name has been powerfully appropriated and earned a well deserved place on the world map.

In  addition to bringing charm and taste to food items, haldi or turmeric has several health-boosting  properties. Curcumin, its main component, is a wonderful element with potent healing properties. Turmeric, when used in moderation, is also known to enhance overall physical and mental agility and wellbeing. Here are some magical benefits of this golden spice worth a read:

Offers Medicinal Properties with 0 Side Effects
Apart from cosmetic benefits, turmeric has several medicinal properties if used in moderation. The spice works wonderfully well  as an anticoagulant or Antiplatelet in  certain conditions of vascular thrombosis and blood clotting. While many drugs that treat clotting are known to have long term side effects, several studies show that turmeric  naturally heals all kinds of deep vein thrombosis, pulmonary embolism,etc. without side effects.

Works as a Great Antidepressant
Several Laboratory tests and sundry studies show that the curcumin in turmeric benefits people with depression to recuperate better. It is an effective antidepressant that helps manage depression effectively. Curcumin also helps boost BDNF levels, neurotransmitters and happy chemicals like serotonin, dopamine, etc. 

Offers Superb Anti-inflammatory Goodness
The Curcumin  found in turmeric is known to have phenomenal effects in combating inflammation and conditions stemming as a result of inflammation.  Often, the goodness of turmeric is compared to  that of steroids especially in  treating pain and inflammation. The herb also works as an excellent pacifier for gastrointestinal conditions including  IBD, ulcerative colitis, etc.

Helps in Arthritis Management
Since curcumin has anti-inflammatory and pain reducing characteristics, it is often used in the treatment of leaky gut, heart diseases, inflammation in joints, etc.  People suffering from rheumatoid arthritis are seen to show improved symptoms on consuming turmeric. 

Prevents and Manages Alzheimer’s
This herbaceous gem not only helps relieve symptoms of diseases but also boosts the body's resistance against disease, amps up immunity and acts as a potent prevention against serious conditions. Turmeric is known to  work well against neurodegenerative conditions like Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Curcumin has been shown to clear amyloid plaques that cause Alzheimer’s. People suffering from the disease too have benefited from turmeric as the treatment helps delay the progression of the disease and reverse it in some cases.

Powerful in Diabetes Control
Regular consumption of the curcumin supplement can prevent type 2 diabetes in those who are at the risk of getting the disease. Several ongoing research is being conducted on the benefits of  curcumin to help more and more people manage the disease better.

Defers Liver Damage
According to many studies, turmeric supplements that contain curcumin are known to defer the onset of cirrhosis and wage a fierce fight against liver damage. 

Cancer Prevention
Cancer which is a disease caused by uncontrolled growth of cells can be prevented by curcumin supplements. Turmeric is  to be a beneficial herb in the prevention and treatment of cancer. Multiple studies have been conducted on the effects of turmeric on cancer. The results prove that curcumin helps reduce the growth of vessels in tumors and prevents the spread of cancer. The powerful herb not only controls angiogenesis and metastasis but also helps in destroying cancerous cells altogether.

Skin-tillating Benefits of Turmeric
Applying turmeric  paste has been a long standing tradition in most weddings across the Indian Subcontinent. The paste is known to have several skintastic abilities that include relieving certain skin conditions. The magic concoction of turmeric paste, gram flour, and milk is known to work wonders on dull, lifeless and acne-prone skin. Other superpowers of Turmeric include:Being an Antiseptic: Turmeric is a popular ingredient used to soothe common skin ailments. It has ant-bacterial and antiseptic properties that help heal cuts, burns and small wounds rather quickly. Many people apply turmeric paste on the affected area to prevent bacterial infections.

  • Anti-aging properties: Turmeric is often used to get flawless , glowing and youthful freshness and restores skin elasticity. Since turmeric has antioxidant properties that help stimulate the growth of new cells in the skin, its regular application is recommended for flaunting supple skin.
  • Facial hair deterrent:  In women, hormonal imbalances are  a leading cause of facial hair growth. Scrubbing turmeric paste can defer the growth of facial hair  and eventually stop re-growth. 
  • Reduces pigmentation: A number of natural skin care products use turmeric as a key ingredient to improve skin pigmentation, discoloration and other skin issues. This is so because turmeric is known to even out skin tone.
  • Treats acne: Pimples, spots, tough acne stains and other skin woes can be relieved  with regular application of turmeric paste, sandalwood, and rosewater. Turmeric’s antioxidant property helps calm pores, control  psoriasis from flaring up and prevent allergic reactions.

By: Anubha Hatwal | on 2020-09-21

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