Coff Lozenges

Manufactured By: Meridian Enterprises Pvt Ltd

₹ 35

Inclusive of all taxes
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Coff Lozenges

Manufactured By: Meridian Enterprises Pvt Ltd

₹ 35

Inclusive of all taxes

This product contains 10 Lozenges in each Strips

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Coff lozenges contains Sunth, Menthol, Eucalyptus, Yashtimadhu, Tulsi, Lavang, Haldi, Dalchini, Elaichi, and Khadir. Role of active ingredients: Sunth, is an anticlotting agent, antispasmodic, antiseptic, antibacterial, antifungal, antitussive, analgesic, antiviral, expectorant and appetite improver. Sunth powder has more potent stimulating properties and is especially useful for reducing phlegm in the body. Menthol is ideal anti-irritant or anesthetic, produces a cooling sensation by chemically triggering cold receptors. Menthol also has astringent and antibacterial properties that inhibit bacterial growth and help treat bad breath. Menthol is effective as a sore throat medication. Eucalyptus leaf is used for infections, fever, upset stomach, and to help loosen coughs. Yashtimadhu is to be demulcent, emollient, expectorant and useful in cough and chest afflictions, it is used to treat coughs, laryngitis, sore throat, bronchitis and chronic bronchitis. Tulsi is very effective in fever, cough, bronchitis and other diseases of lungs. It helps in expectoration of excess mucous secretion. Lavang is used to the skin as a counterirritant for pain and for mouth and throat inflammation. Haldi helps to wash out bacteria and other material that could be causing your sore throat. Dalchini is a formidable remedy against a cold and cough. It not only helps to relieve the congestion commonly experienced with a cold. Elaichi is used for common cold, cough, bronchitis, sore mouth and throat, and tendency toward infection. Khadir is used to improve the symptoms of throat and mouth ulcers and throat infection. Use under medical supervision. Products similar to Coff Lozenges


Brand: Meridian Medicare

Marketer/Manufacturer Address: 1108, Embassy Centre, Nariman Point, Mumbai 400 021. India.

Country of Origin: India


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